The Universe Solved
1	The Universe – Solved! Oh no.  Not another TOE! What is Reality, Really? What is True?  2	Food for thought – Solipsism, Quantum Entanglement, Parallel Universes, and Living in a Hologram Cogito, Ergo Sum and other assorted Philosophical gems The Quantum Mechanical World – Entanglement, Teleportation, Foam Multiple Dimensions and Flatlanders	 String Theory and M-theory Theories on the Origin of the Universe The Holographic Paradigm The Nature of Time Nanotechnology Artificial Intelligence  3	Alternate Realities – The Matrix, Past Lives, Mushrooms, and Everquest Definition Movies and other Media Sleep and Dreams Altered States Hallucinogens or Entheogens? Psychoses Shamanism and Religious Experiences Simulators Games  4	A Brief History of Coding Language levels Hierarchical code Application programming and API’s  5	Virtual Reality and Mind Melding with our Future Silicon Masters History Senses Implants Mind Melding with our Future Silicon Masters  6	Life’s Little Anomalies – Green Men and Black Gold Be Careful Out There The Truman Show Coincidences The Acceleration Little Green Men Cryptozoology Evolution or Devolution Eggs and Psi Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Time The 100th Monkey Black Gold, Texas Tea  7	Are we Living in a Programmed Reality? Evidence – Our Discrete World Evidence – The Simulation Timeline Evidence – The Fine-tuned Universe Evidence – Anomalies Revisited Evidence – Summary  8	How to Build a Universe (The Dummies Guide) Simulated Reality Physical Programming of Reality Programming Reality  9	Waking up to a New Reality Putting it all together The end of the line?