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Jim Elvidge

Jim Elvidge

Jim Elvidge received a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, with a specialization in digital signal processing.  Professionally, his career has been mostly in the high tech industry, where he has held a variety of engineering and senior management positions.  He holds patents in signal processing, and was responsible for a number of entrepreneurial ventures, including developing one of the first PC-based music samplers in 1988 and co-founding RadioAMP, the internet's first private-label web radio company.  Elvidge is currently an agile and leadership consultant helping companies become more lean, innovative, and agile in all aspects of their business.


Outside of the high-tech arena, however, Elvidge has had an alternative career, focusing on a form of digital philosophy by synthesizing ideas from the varied fields of artificial intelligence, cosmology, nanotechnology, quantum mechanics, and the paranormal.  This unique blend of knowledge provided the foundation for his first book, “The Universe-Solved!”, written from 2006 to 2007 and published in 2008.  He frequently appears on talk radio shows that focus on futurism and digital philosophy. 

The nature of "The Universe-Solved!" is to provide categories of evidence that support the idea that our reality is both digital and under a form of programmatic control, which Elvidge calls "programmed reality."  He has contributed a special focus on demonstrating that the many and various anomalies of quantum mechanics, including entanglement, the observer effect, non-reality, non-locality, and the apparent retrocausality of the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment, all have simple cohesive explanations in the programmed reality model.  In fact, he points out that these anomalies are actually requirements of an efficient digital reality model.  Elvidge maintains a collection of categories of supporting evidence for digital philosophy, including the four presented in the book plus many others identified since the book was published, including those from other thought leaders in the field.


There is a significant overlap between the concepts presented in Elvidge's writing and ideas from other scientists, technologists, and philosophers, such as Thomas Campbell, Edward Fredkin, Seth Lloyd, Nick Bostrom, and Brian Whitworth.  Unlike Fredkin and Lloyd, however, and like Campbell, Elvidge believes that the evidence is strong that consciousness is the source of reality and not an artifact of brain function and that the apparent programmed nature of reality is based on a self-evolving system.


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