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Steven Kaufman

Steven Kaufman

Steven Kaufman has a Liberal Arts Degree from the University of Illinois as well as a medical degree.  According to his own bio, after a “course of independent study in Physics and Eastern Philosophy,” he began writing his book “Unified Reality Theory,” which he concluded after a 10-year period.  The book provides a non-mathematical, but detailed derivation of digital reality from the evolution of consciousness into awareness.


In his model, existence evolves into experience in four stages of self-relation.  First, absolute existence evolves into space-time by forming a relationship with itself and creating reality cells (stage 1).  Those reality cells propagate by penetrating adjacent cells, thereby creating energy (stage 2)  Matter (stage 3) is distortion content propagating through the matrix of reality cells.  And experience (stage 4) comes from the experiential mechanics of our consciousness interacting with matter.  Along the way, he proposes explanations for gravity, electromagnetism and relativity theory

Kaufman also has some interesting thoughts on the nature of human consciousness, the ego, and how we are naturally and spirally driven into a feeling of separation.  This, he says, explains why we feel separate from each other and from the global consciousness system, despite the fact that we are all part of it.  He believes that we have free will that gives us the ability to direct the flow of our individual existence in relation to the larger flow of existence.


Kaufman, Thomas Campbell, and Jim Elvidge all believe in the same model – a consciousness-driven digital reality that is based on a large consciousness system subdivided into individuated consciousness (us).  Our objectives in this reality are to evolve our consciousness through love and service to others.


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